Why people take up MBA education rather than the other professional courses?

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Why people take up MBA education rather than the other professional courses? Empty Why people take up MBA education rather than the other professional courses?

Post  mbaed on Fri Jun 17, 2011 3:04 am

When it comes to deciding which is the best course of career to take up after doing the graduation, the choices might be restricted largely by what course of study have you pursued in graduation. But, post graduate MBA course is not dependent on what all you have done in your graduation. This makes it a hot choice for the candidates from the different streams like arts and humanities, commerce and even from sciences. Taking up MBA might not be that easy a choice to make, especially when there are other good professional courses which can be undertaken. However, doing Masters of Business Administration from the top MBA College in Delhi is still a preference over the other courses by many candidates. Why is such a beeline made for MBA course and why this beeline continues to grow in front of the top MBA colleges in Delhi?

First and foremost reason for MBA being one of the top choices is that the greatly attractive salary packages that the candidates can expect at the end of their two year tenure. The salary compensation for MBA grads from top MBA colleges in Delhi is way above what can be expected after doing other courses.

Secondly, the candidates can expect a good number of opportunities in different functional areas, like marketing, finance, human resources, etc after doing MBA. This may not be true with other courses. The other courses might be far more specialized but these might restrict the functional areas in which a person can operate.

Thirdly, MBA colleges in Delhi might have a tough entry-level selection procedure to ensure that the best students are only taken in, but once the entry is gained, one can rest assured that with hard work throughout the two year tenure, one can land a respectable job. For the other courses, the entry might be easier than in the MBA College in Delhi, but one might have to toil hard for years to complete these. This period might extend to more than two years. Candidates may not be willing to work for unexpected period of time and therefore they take up MBA in Delhi.

Fourthly, MBA gives all round grounding to the candidates. It makes a person suitable for administration of business in all its aspects. Along with the imparting of the knowledge, it also helps a person develop the much required skills of administering the business in all its functions. Focus is also enabling a person to develop the essential personality traits which are demanded by the requirements of the job. Such extensive and intensive grooming may not be given in other courses whose essential focus might be only on education or knowledge enhancement.


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