6 website design essentials to get effective SEO results.

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6 website design essentials to get effective SEO results. Empty 6 website design essentials to get effective SEO results.

Post  wdcau on Fri Jun 17, 2011 5:35 am

SEO capable website design is the first requirement of the SEO process. Developers and designers are bound by certain pre-requisites of the SEO process. Web design shall be done in accordance with the SEO requirements.

Web design and SEO are related. In fact, SEO begins from website design. But, this does not mean that you create any website and the search engine optimization can be done effectively. It has to incorporate some elements which are crucial for SEO process to be really effective. Web designers or developers can no longer treat the design and development part of the website to be different from SEO requirements. Here are ten essential elements which need to be incorporated in the web design to make it really worthwhile for SEO process:

1. Domain names: While you can buy any domain name, it is better to buy one which is based on some main keyword which is to be promoted through the SEO process. If you can get hold of some domain name which is quite old, then even that is quite beneficial.

2. URLs: The web design developers shall be given instructions in advance that the URLs of the website shall not be dynamic. These shall be static. URLs shall not be having the special characters like the question mark or the ampersand. These shall be bearing valid file name extensions as well.

3. Source Code Tags: There are elements in the web page source code which are read by the search engine crawlers. These shall be made keyword centric. These could be the browser title tag, meta description and keyword tags and header tags.

4. Source code programming and scripting language: The developers shall keep in mind that they do not have to use heavy coding file on the page that is to be promoted. Use of java script, flash animations and other similar heavy coding or files is not desirable. This is done mainly to make sure that the page loads within a few seconds since crawlers will skip the page and not read it, if it takes long for it to load. For this reason most of the website design and development is done using the PHP, HTML, CSS and other lighter languages.

5. Image optimization: When you have to incorporate the images in the web design, it is suggested to use the image alt tag for optimization purposes. Images, videos, PDF files and some other types of files are not read by the search engines. Images can be optimized by mentioning what is the image all about in the text form by writing a few words on the ‘alt’ tag.

6. Put in the tracking code: While you do the SEO and begin to rank higher on the search engines, it is important to know the level of performance of your site. For this, you need to submit your URL to the Google Analytics and put in the Analytics tracking code at the appropriate place in the source code of each of the web page that you want to promote. This may not help in SEO directly but is crucial in providing vital feedback.


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