Important suggestions on the use of the security seals

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Important suggestions on the use of the security seals Empty Important suggestions on the use of the security seals

Post  megafortris on Fri Jun 17, 2011 10:33 pm

Security seals, or tamper-evident seals, are used in a number of different situations. The basic objective served by these seals is that of protecting the articles. These are called tamper evident since the attempts to open the same would become visible on it, making it certain that someone has mala-fide intention behind opening this. It is also a signal to others that the article is not to be opened without authority.

However, if you need to security tags would you go to buy anyone? There are certain points regarding these which shall be kept in mind. These suggestions are:

1. Keep in mind the objective for which you are using these seals: The objective is to be kept in mind since most of the people are not very clear on the precise purpose of the security seals which they want to use and their effectiveness. For the determination of the objective, it is important that you the threats against the articles very clearly. Is it likely to be broken it? Is it likely to be stolen or put on fire? Determining the nature of threat clearly can help in selection of the right security product, whether seals, or tags or even the security cash bags.

2. Price: There is a mistaken belief that if the unit price of the security seal is less, one shall buy that one. After the relevance of the seal for meeting the objective, the price element could be important but it is not the price of the unit item but that of the installation, inspection and training to teach its use that are more important factors.

3. Vulnerability assessment: The use of the security seals, especially in the logistical operations, could be vulnerable to a number of threats. There is always a need to check the efficacy of the seals after a period of time. There might be some situations where the seals might be vulnerable to break-down after a period of time. Therefore, the vulnerability assessment of the security tags shall be done.

4. Know how a tampered with security seal will look like: Often, by seeing a minor change in the seal the people are likely to believe that the seal has been tampered with. This may not be the situation in reality. Therefore, it is important that you are shown how a tampered seal would look like. Although, it is suggested that even in the case of slightest suspicion, you shall call for the inspectors to check and verify whether that is the case or not.

5. After use care: The security seals shall be either thoroughly destroyed or these shall be very well protected after their use is over. If you are careless about these, the people with mala-fide intention can use these against you. They can use these to know how to tamper with them in a better way next time they find any such seal.

These are some of the most important considerations while using the security seals or tags.


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